Farm & Community Events

Open Creamery Day 2021: Join a Goat Parade!
Learn, experience, eat, & have fun safely outdoors during our 2021 Open Creamery Day! 
Be sure to stop by the Info Booth to get oriented when you arrive!

Start at the farmers market for some yummy snacks, including our cheese & superpower smoothies, then explore the farm. 
The front of the barn will be open for goat patting all day
Cheese-making demos will be held in the tent behind the barn 
Grab a map and enjoy the beautiful farm trails at your own speed, 
Join one of our Goat Parades: 
11:30  - help us guide the milking herd from the barn out the field to graze
 1:30 -  join a mob of juvenile kids (think teenagers on the loose!) for a romp in the back field
 3:30 -  help bring the mothers back in from the field. The leaves are just about at peak, so be sure to bring your camera : ) 

Goat Genealogy:

Pick up one of our Herd Checklists, and have fun tracing some goat genealogy. Start with the adorable goat kids in the barn, and identify some of your favorites. Then match their number to their name, and learn who their parents are. Visit the buck pen to figure out who their Daddy is. Finally enjoy a stroll to the pasture palace in our back field, and see if you can find Mama grazing in the field. Maybe you’ll start to think like a farmer, and make some suggestions who we should breed next year…!