Farm Camp
Tend the Garden

Every living thing on the farm needs care, and children have daily responsibility for a variety of plants. 

Explore Nature

The farm has a marsh, a brook, forest & field


Be inspired by the beauty & diversity of the natural world

 FARM CAMP will return in 2022

Sprouts: ages 6-12

Camp runs from 8:30 a.m. - 3 p.m. from Monday - Friday.
Every day there is a different theme, focusing on a specific animal or plant. 
Daily activities include farm chores, food preparation, art and nature exploration. 
 Parents and sibilngs are encouraged to join us on Friday for a Family Fun Day. 

Tuition is $225 / week 

There are only 10 spots per session, so be sure to register early. 
Download our registration form and
health history form here or contact us to have them sent to you:
Kelly:  (207) 549-3096

Prepare Farm Fresh Food
We start from scratch, and put it on the table; Learn how to harvest wheat & make bread

Come learn, play, and join our community of friends.

Care for the animals

Learn how to care for for dairy goats and chickens. Teach a baby goat to walk on a lead and our chicks to be calm when handled. 

Ask Questions - Dig Deep
Explore where it all begins & how it all grows, from soil...

... to seed! 
See for yourself the wonders of nature.