Pumpkin Vine Dairy

We ensure the highest quality, by managing every step, from grass to cheese, with care.

All of our products are made from our own blue-ribbon goats' milk!

 “Pumpkin Vine Family Farm makes the most delicious goat cheese I have eaten. I am from Massachusetts and have several local goat farms nearby whose cheese just doesn't compare to that of Pumpkin Vine Family Farms. Their goat cheese surpasses others with its smooth creamy texture and mild flavor."- Leia Roberts, Princeton, Massachusetts


Fresh & Sweet Milk!

Our milk won a blue ribbon at the Common Ground Country Fair for being "fresh, clean, and light like a cloud." 

Raw milk is available in:

Quarts for $4.50
Half gallons for $9.00
Plus jar deposit of $1.00 & $2.00

Our milk surprises a lot of people who expect goat's milk to taste "goaty." Our milk just tastes sweet, like milk should, and I find myself craving a cold glass of milk on a hot summer's day. As we say, we like to kiss our goats, but not when we are drinking their milk or eating their cheese! 

Thick & Creamy Yogurt

Goats' milk is notoriously hard to make a thick yogurt out of, and we are very pleased that we have succeeded, without the addition of thickeners or straining. We use a special Our plain yogurt is simple and refreshing, perfect for mixing with anything - including our smoothies! Our vanilla yogurt is made with honey and real vanilla bean, giving it a subtle sweetness.                         $8.00 / quart

"Pumpkin Vine Family Farm produces the finest goat yogurt that we have ever used. I have personally noticed that we never get sick or catch colds, and I attribute this to the excellent probiotic in this yogurt. As a very satisfied customer who loves the honey yogurt flavor, I will continue to purchase 5 quarts a week." - Claudia Fujinaga, Somerville

Sweet & Creamy Chèvre!

We make traditional French chèvre rolls, with classic herb mixes including dill, chive, peppercorn and herbe de provence. These are favorites not only for spreads & sandwiches, but on cooked foods such as baked potatoes, pastas and tacos.

The creaminess of our chèvre lends itself well to our spreads, such as orange blossom, maple walnut, and the highly addictive snacking blend of garlic & herb. 

$6.00 for 5 oz roll or tub

Sweet on top, or savory in the middle... Our savory Mediterranean tortas have a layer of delight in the middle of each chèvre, to provide the perfect balance of creamy and pungent withe every bite. The heavenly trio: Pesto, Roasted red pepper, and olive tapenade. 

Inspired by the bounty of the season, we make chèvre fruit tortes, such as this highly popular cranberry walnut torte, the summer delight of blueberry amaretto, or the mediterranean inspired apricot pistachio.

$7.00 / tortes

Tangy Aged Feta

We make a classic Greek feta, aged for 60 days in a salt brine. It is sold in brine, and can keep in a refrigerator for up to 6 months - if it wasn't so delicious! It adds great depth of flavor to many cooked dishes, but shines especially in its purest state, crumbled over salad, where its salty tang perfectly balances the raw vegetables. 

"Oh, and the cheeses!  My favorite is the feta…better than any other feta I have ever had." Tami Casas, Washington, Maine


Gouda and Asiago!

After two years of preparation, we are finally ready to release our hard cheeses! Our new aging room gives us a lot more room to play with, and we are filling it with hard gouda and asiago style wheels. The first wheels of May will be ready by July, and we'll be playing with rinds and flavors; we have a cold-smoker so...

Smoked gouda anyone?

How about a rosemary-rubbed asiago?

Get your tasting knives out!