The Dairy Goats

During the summer months the goats have free access to pasture, and in the winter they get the best possible nutrition from on our own high quality hay. 

Please give him space if you arrive when we're not home; he is not aggressive, but he is a working dog, and takes his job seriously. He will announce your visit until we arrive. 


We raise purebred Alpines and Nubians. We breed & select primarily for a strong dairy animal, but we also pay attention to overall conformation, as a supporting factor in their longevity and overall health. 

We participate in the American Dairy Goat Association's DHIR and Linear Appraisal evaluation programs and our herd is tested annually for CAE and CL. 

If you are interested in breeding stock, give us a call

Health & Nutrition
What makes great milk? 
Take a look at our pastures...

Despite the myths, goats do eat grass, if given nutritious forage and the opportunity to graze comfortably

We use solar panels and portable fencing so we can keep rotating the goats to fresh pasture; this is the key to nutrition and parasite control. 

We test the soil in our pastures and hay fields, and add organic amendments as necessary to support the growth of the optimal mix of grass & clover. In some years, our fields are as purple with clover as the fields of lavender in France. 

We make our own hay, ensuring that we cut it at the peak of nutrition, providing great feed throughout the year. 

We are vigilant in our weed control, suppressing bedstraw, milkweed, and other anti-nutritive plants. 

Protection - Guardian Dog
Our farm is great coyote habitat, but we prefer to deter them, rather than eliminate them, as an unstable coyote population is the greatest threat to our livestock. To successfully co-exist, we acquired a livestock guardian dog.
Donegal, aka Donney-boy, is mostly Great Pyrenees with some Anatolian Shepherd mixed in. Donney lets us know when anyone or anything new is around, from visitors to a box left by UPS... He spends the night in the barn with the animals, but roams the farm in the day. 

We love our girls, and try to keep them in the best of health. They have been paying us back with excellent milk production! 

Luckily, we have the help of our children to bring the goats up for milking. Not sure who enjoys it more!

We made the decision not to leave him solely with the herd, as we also wanted a general farm dog. Good thing we did, because who could resist Donney-boy?