The Family

Kelly is the dreamer and planner...

Kelly discovered the joy of farm life at a very young age, and followed its calling through a masters and doctoral degree in agriculture. 

She found her way home to Somerville - and back to Maine - after a lot of wandering and studying. Having learned a few things along the way, she was ready to settle down and get to work! 

More than anything, she loves to work outside and have her hands fully engaged in the business of farming. At this point, however, she spends too much time in front of the computer, getting the farm business organized, in hopes that one day she will get to spend the majority of her day under the open sky, and have more to write about...

Keiran is as enthusiastic a farm boy as they come!

Born on the farm, Keiran preferred to be outside from day one. Ever since he discovered tractors at 10 months of age, he has been fascinated with the operation of all farm machinery. 

Keiran wants to be part of everything we do on the farm, and LOVES to work! He sold his first hay bales in 2014, and has great plans for the future growth of the farm. He has become a real help, and can even take care of the animals by himself. At haying time, he can -  almost - pick up the hay bales himself! 

Grandma Stephanie teaches us patience and kindness...

Grandma does not live on the farm (yet) but she lives close enough to come over and help a lot (and that she certainly does!) We miss her every winter when she leaves for Florida, but look forward to her return with the flowers in spring. She brings us beauty and grace, a cleaner house - and better table manners (hopefully)!

Grandpa Roopchand helped us get started...

Grandpa Roopchan stayed with us when we first moved to the farm, and, although he lives primarily in Trinidad, he comes back to help us when he can. In 2015 he spent most of the year with us, helping us establish ourselves as a commercial farm.

Growing up on a tropical island, he never had to worry about firewood and hay before, but he has proven to be a man of many latitudes! Having heard stories about Anil's skill navigating the hay wagon, he chose to do the tedding and raking instead...

Anil is the one who makes it happen...

...with the practical skills and quiet confidence of a true farmer. Although his greatest love is working with animals, he has an amazing ability to understand the inner workings of just about any piece of equipment, which has stood us in good stead as we work to revive the farm with a lot of second-hand equipment. 

Anil was born a dairy farmer, although his family had no animals at the time. At a young age, he established his first herd of "cows" - glass soda bottles that he tied with sturdy string and moved daily around the yard to fresh grass. 

Determined to pursue agriculture, he honed his practical skills at the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry, followed by a Masters Degree in Animal Science at the University of the West Indies - St. Augustine campus.

Sarita loves mud and flowers, animals, art, and action.  

Sarita arrived at a time when the farm's future was in doubt, and she has been as excited by its current growth as we are. 

She loves both the natural world (the brook, the clouds, and wildflowers) and life in the barn, which may involve feeding baby goats, climbing on hay bales, or swinging in the hammock. 

Every year she gets tougher (to bugs & heat & snow) and more sensitive (to the necessary endings and hardships of farm life). Wherever she goes from here, we know she is well grounded. 

Grandpa Smoky shares our love of the land and our children...

Grandpa Smoky is a firm supporter of the farm, and helps us in every way possible, not least by the amazing love and attention he gives to Keiran and Sarita when we are busy with farm chores.

Even though Anil occasionally throws him off the hay wagon, we appreciate his help - in building the hay load, splitting firewood, and sharing the harvest. 

 & Grandma Sylvie keeps us going with her smiles & song!

She can never stay long enough, even if she was here all year! We are happy whenever she visits, as she is lot of fun for the kids, and a magician in the kitchen. Grandma's cooking pot is famous with our visitors, who smell her amazing dishes drifting out of the house.

Grandma had a farm for many years in Trinidad, and she is happy to see us growing. Whenever she comes, we are sure to see plants growing in the garden, and enjoy the bounty even after she leaves. We all miss her, especially the baby goats.