The Wild

Like all farms, ours is rooted in the richness of the surrounding ecosystem. We are fortunate to live in an incredibly diverse and prolific natural area, which includes historic farmland, cleared by oxen in the 1800s; a resilient forest, which has been cut so many times that it remains forever young; and a brook which has grown, with the help of the resident beavers, into a broad but shallow marsh. 

The marsh is home to a great number of migratory birds, from red-winged blackbirds, the eagerly awaited harbingers of spring, to numerous ducks, geese, and herons. Turtles nest in the sandy banks around the pond, and frogs bring delight to all ages. 

One of our favorite mini-ecosystems is the mini brook (Jones Brook) that runs south the marsh. Separated from the fields by only a thin screen of trees, yet a totally different world awaits. 

We enjoy its beauty, and we are committed to its sustainable use and conservation. In this coming year, we will be working with the Natural Resources Conservation Service to develop a management plan for all of our land: forest & field, brook & marsh. 

We want to ensure that many children get to experience this...

Beyond our boundaries, forest stretches in three directions and supports a great diversity of wildlife.We have seen moose and deer, coyote and bobcat, and signs of black bear. 

Looking out from our back field, we can see across the valley all the way to Patrick Mountain, for which Somerville, settled under the name of Patricktown, was named. 

Brooks need to be explored in every season, by every child. Just add long stick, and you are all set.